The airport of Cagliari Elmas has been entitled to Mario Mameli and was opened the 3rd of May 1937. This year, for the occasion of its 66th birthday, the new airport has been opened and this makes Sardinia more and more the centre of the Mediterranean sea."Cagliari Elmas:  The door to Sardinia."

The airport of Cagliari is situated near the village of Elmas, at six kilometres Away from the pond, famous for its rose flamingos os Santa Gilla. Cagliari Elmas is the biggest airport of the island and the most important busy line.The introduction of trolleys and the reorganization of the commercial facilities. The attention payed.


To the green areas, the improvement of the means of transport and the parking areas included the means of transport for disabled, the increase of the number of check in desks, the creation of flight timetable brochures, are just some examples of the the increasing quality of the facilities of the airport.





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